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Justice for recent victims of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been a 1,900% increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans

Vicha Ratanapakdee: He was an 84-year-old Thai man who was walking alone in a neighborhood when 19-year-old Antoine Watson charged at him and violently pushed him to the ground. As a result of his injuries, Vicha died two days later in the hospital. The incident was caught on camera; however, Watson has not been charged.

Noel Quintana: He is a 61-year-old Filipino man. He was on the subway on his way to the first of his two jobs when a stranger kicked his bag. When Quintana responded, the man slashed Quintana across the face from cheek to cheek. He had received almost 100 stitches for his injury. The police are still searching for the suspect.

Mauricio Gesmundo Sr: He is a 83-year-old Filipino man who is now in ciritcal condition after being atacked in North Philadelphia on New Year's Eve. When his family returned home, Mauricio was found duct-taped and bleeding in his house. Gesmundo Sr., who suffered severe brain bleeding, is currently in the intensive care unit of Temple University Hospital. He reportedly remains unresponsive.

Christian Hall: He was a 19-year-old Asian American who was shot and killed by state police on December 30 on the overpass to Interstate 80 in Hamilton Township. He was standing near a bridge with a gun and was having a mental health crisis. Although officers said Christian was being uncooperative, video evidence says otherwise because he was seen with his hands up.

Ee Lee: Ee was a 36-year-old Asian American who was found brutally beaten and left for dead in Washington Park.It was later revealed that she died from blunt trauma to her head and suffered injuries associated with sexual assault. The suspects involved have not plead guilty.

Kevin Jiang: He was a beloved member of so many communities in New Haven. He was a veteran of the US Army, a National Guard Reservist, and enrolled in the School of the Environment at Yale University. He was killed in a shooting in New Haven over the weekend. The suspect has yet to be found.

Jennifer Laude: She was a Filipina trans woman who was killed in the Philippines by Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, a member of the United States Marine Corps.

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Breonna Taylor: Breonna was shot and murdered while in her home after officers barged in with no warrant. Although the FBI has announced an investigation on her murder, the police officers who killed her have not been charged.

Elijah McClain: While walking from a local convenience store, Elijah—who was anemic—preferred to wear a ski mask to keep his face warm while walking. The Aurora Police Department received a call of a "suspicious man". This call resulted in Elijah's death. According to a bodycam footage, "He is laying on the ground vomiting, he is begging, he is saying, 'I can't breathe.' When the paramedics arrived they administered a dose of Ketamine that was meant for a 220lb man into Elijah’s 140lb body to "sedate" him. The officers on the scene were placed on temporary leave, however, they are back in the field with no charges.

Quawan Charles: He was a 15-year-old boy who went missing on October 30th. The Baldwin Police Department advised the Charles family that Quawan was most likely at a football game. After the Charles family did their own investigation, they found out that Quawan was picked up by another family without the parent's permission. A few days later, Quawan was found dead on a fields with a mutilated body.

Pervis Payne: Pervis Payne is an innocent man who is set to be executed on Dec 3rd, 2020. He stumbled across a crime scene, and, as he was trying to aid the victim, he was mistaken for the attacker. The prosecution used racial stereotypes and hid important info during his trial. He has been on death row for about 3 decades and has steadily maintained his innocence. He is set to be executed in Tennessee on Dec. 3, 2020

David McAtee: David McAtee was shot and killed by the LMPD and the National Guard just after midnight local time. He was unarmed when he was shot and his body was left in the street for more than 12 hours after the incident occurred.

Jacob Blake: He was an unarmed Black man who was tasered & shot 7 times in the back by Kenosha (Wisconsin) police. This happened as he was entering his car, in front of his 3 kids, after trying to de-escalate a fight.

Tony McDade: was a transgender Black man who got killed by the police in Tallahassee. Tony was approached by the police as a suspect in a fatal stabbing of another victim earlier in the day. Although the officers stated that Tony carried weapons, witnesses have refuted this via videos posted on Facebook where they claim officers said "Stop moving, n--r" and then shot McDade after he stopped moving. The officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Tianna Arata: Tianna was arrested by SLO PD as she and other demonstrators were loading up a car after the protest — which at one point stopped traffic on Highway 101 — and had already dispersed. The subsequent press release from the SLO PD on events leading up to the arrest omits important facts to create a false narrative depicting the protesters as promoting violence. Tianna and other protest leaders have led numerous peaceful protests over the past several months. She currently faces up to 15 years in prison

Robert Fuller: He was a 24 year old Black man found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California. City officials have presumably ruled his death a suicide and linked his death to the COVID-19 pandemic without proof. During such a heightened time with the Black Lives Matter movement and the city’s quickness to call his death a suicide before any investigation, there is reason to believe that Robert’s death was a lynching.

DJ Henry: DJ was a football player & junior at Pace University. DJ was parked outside the building in a fire lane out front when he was asked to move by police officer Aaron Hess. DJ complied and moved out of the spot when Aaron Hess shot him, took him out of his car, handcuffed him and laid him on the ground and left him there to die. Aaron Hess was not charged with any crime and was named Officer of the Year later on in the year.

David McAtee: He was shot and killed by the LMPD and the National Guard just after midnight local time. He was unarmed when he was shot and his body was left in the street for more than 12 hours after the incident occurred.

James Scurlock: He was a 22-year-old African American man who, while protesting, was shot by white bar owner Jacob Gardner. The shooting took place during the George Floyd protests in the Old Market area of Omaha, Nebraska.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford: Emantic, an African-American man, was shot three times from behind and killed by Hoover police on the night of Thanksgiving. Police responded to a shooting at the mall where two people were shot. Another Black man suspected in the first shooting was arrested in Georgia a week later and charged in the shooting of one of those injured. Bradford was holding a legally owned weapon when shot and was proven to not have been involved in the prior shooting incident. Emantic was shot and killed even though he was innocent.

Yassin Mohamed: He was an unarmed Sudanese-American man who may have been suffering from mental illness. He was allegedly shot by a sheriff’s deputy in Georgia. Yassin Mohamed was allegedly throwing rocks at the officer, who reportedly responded with lethal force.

Darius Tarver: Darius was only 23 years old when he was killed by the police. His neighbors were concerned about his well-being, as he was still recovering from a significant head injury sustained during a near-fatal car accident one week prior, so they called for help. Instead of providing the help he needed, four Denton Police officers tased him and shot him to death.

Eric Riddick: Eric Riddick was sentenced to life in prison in 1992 after he was wrongfully convicted of first degree murder, despite there being no physical evidence connecting him to the crime. At the time of the shooting, Eric was with three friends two blocks away & the key witness who contributed to Eric’s conviction has now signed multiple affidavits that Eric was not connected to the crime. Eric has served over 27 years for a crime he did not commit.

Cameron Green: Cameron was shot and killed April 21st by correctional officer Carlton Fidler after being invited to his home by two teenage girls. Fidler tampered with the evidence to portray Cameron as a home invader.

Sean Monterrosa: Sean was kneeling down with his hands up when Vallejo police shot and killed him at a local Walgreens during protests for George Floyd. He was unarmed and cooperative, but Vallejo police officer Jarrett Tonn shot Sean five times from behind the windshield of an unmarked police car.

Tete Gulley: She was a 31 year old queer Black transient. She was found hanging from a tree on an evening on Rocky Butte Park. The cause of death was determined to be suicide at the scene, but there was evidence of foul play.

Shukri Abdi: Shukri was a 12-year-old muslim girl who drowned in the River Irwell in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Police said it was treating what happened as a "tragic incident" and did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances, but Shukri’s family said, "she couldn't swim so she wouldn't even go near the edge."

Toyin Salau: Salau was a 19-year old black woman whose life was tragically taken by an unknown man. Salau was an avid protestor for the Black Lives Matter movement, and was also battling homelessness. She posted several tweets about a man who offered her a ride to church, but ended up molesting her instead. Salau also reported the assault to the police, and gave DNA evidence. Since that day, she was reported missing and 8 days later her body was found on a random street.

Sandra Bland: Sandra was arrested for a traffic stop on July 10, 2015 by Brian Encinia. She was found dead in her cell three days later. Encinia was never indicted, in spite of the fact that he physically assaulted her on camera. It was found that the jail did not follow proper protocols in this case.

Eric Lurry: Eric passed in the custody of Joliet Police Department in January. The JPD withheld video evidence for 5 months of what happened that night. The video showed that Officers Doug May and Andrew McCue slapped Eric, held his nose shut while shoving a baton in his mouth, and were seen choking him.

Belly Mujinga: Belly was an essential worker at the London Victoria Station. Belly suffered from a respiratory condition, yet her employer decided this was not reasonable grounds to reduce her contact hours and did not give her adequate PPE. During her shift, Belly was assaulted by an individual who was infected with COVID-19 at the time. This act of unprovoked violence ultimately likely lead to her death at the hands of this relentless virus

Alejandro Vargas Martinez: He was an innocent 15 year old African American who got shot 7 times while walking to Boone High School. Detectives have named the two suspects who were involved in the murder of Alejandro, BUT no arrest has been made!

Kyjuanzi Harris: Mr.Harris was arrested without cause and held against his will for two years in the county jail. After his trial, he was given a guilty verdict although there was no evidence linking Mr.Harris to the case and the key witness of the prosecution has admitted to purging the initial accusations. Mr.Harris is now convicted of life in prison without parole

Dion Johnson: Dion was pulled over on the side of the highway to get some rest & got shot and killed by a DPS trooper who claimed there was a “struggle” Dion was unarmed and there has been no charges

Desmond Franklin: Desmond was killed by an off duty Cleveland police Officer Garcia while at a red light. Officer Garcia was on paid leave not convicted or charged

Kendrick Johnson: Johnson was an honor roll student and well-known athletic all around the school. Kendrick was found dead inside a rolled-up gym mat at a highschool. There have been two confession statements floating around, both pointing to Brian Bell as the murderer. The 2nd autopsy on Kendrick matched the description of the murder in the confession statements. The court has now dismissed Kendrick Johnson’s case.

Tamla Horsford: Tamla was discovered dead in the backyard of the Cumming, Georgia home where she had been attending a slumber party with other "football moms" the night before. The 40-year-old, Black mother of five was the only woman of color at the party. A medical examiner found extensive injuries all over her body, which seem to not arise from just her ‘accidental fall’ off the balcony. (Update: Tamala's case got reopened)

Tamir Rice: Tamir was 12 years old when he was shot and killed by a police officer simply because Tamir played in the park with a toy gun. Although there were videos that showed the police shooting Tamir immediately, the prosecutor did not present this case to the grand jury to determine if charges would be filed against the officers. Tamir Rice would have been 18 years old today if he wasn’t murdered for playing with a toy.

Stephon Clarke: Stephon, a 22-year-old African-American man, was shot and killed in Sacramento, California by Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet, two officers of the Sacramento Police Department, in the backyard of his grandmother's house while he had a phone in his hand

Saraya Rees: Saraya was a 14 year old girl who battles with mental illness. She was improperly taken off her antidepressants by a local pediatrician which triggered her to go into psychosis. In this delusional state, she poured a small amount of gasoline on the living room carpet. Saraya’s parents contacted Coos Health & Wellness for assistance. Rather than sending trained mental health advisors, Coos Health & Wellness called the police. Saraya was then arrested, questioned without her parents or a lawyer present, charged with attempted murder and assault, and sentenced for 11 years

Philando Castile: Philando, a 32 year old African American, was driving with his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter when he was pulled over in a traffic stop. He informed the officer that he carried a gun but was just reaching for his license. Still, the officer shot him close range several times. His murderer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty

Trayvon Martin: He was a 17-year-old boy walking home from a convenience store after buying snacks. A neighborhood watch person assumed he was suspicious but a 911 dispatcher told him not to do anything. However, he did anyways and fatally shot Trayvon 70 yards away from his home. His killer has not been convicted of any charges

Kenneth Reams: Kenneth was a native in Arkansas who received physical abuse, abject poverty, neglect, and lack of opportunities during his childhood. He and his friend committed a robbery to have money to pay for his cap and gown for his highschool graduation. They did not intend to cause physical harm, but Kenneth’s friend impulsive pulled the trigger, which ended up killing a victim. Although Kenneth did not shoot the victim, he was also convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death before a nearly all-white jury

Amiya Braxton: 7 year old Amiya was stepping off of her school bus and was hit and killed by a car. Karen Carpenter illegally went around the school bus as it was offloading students. This defies Nathan’s Law, which requires motorists to stop at least 10 feet from a school bus when loading or offloading children. Karen is not indicted

Crystal Mason: Texas resident Crystal Mason, a black mother, is one of the most recent victims of voter disenfranchisement. Ms. Mason is sentenced to five years in prison for “voting illegally as a felon on probation,” Ms. Mason has always maintained that she was unaware that her name had been purged from the electoral roll and was ineligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election

Darnel Chaffin: Darnel was wrongly accused for a robbery he did not commit. He was proven not guilty, yet the attorney of Cook County Illinois did not believe him. He has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Julius Jones: He is a 19-year-old student athlete who is on death row in Oklahoma, despite maintaining his innocence and compelling evidence that he was wrongfully convicted

Chrystul Kizer: Chrystul is an incarcerated trafficking survivor who is being charged with life in prison for acting in self-defense against her trafficker. She suffered ongoing physical and sexual abuse from her trafficker

Sheku Bayoh: Sheku was detained in police custody in Kirkcaldy; he did not leave the police custody alive. Sheku was held face down by up to nine police officers after subjecting him to CS spray, pepper spray, batons, handcuffs and leg restraints. After losing consciousness within a few minutes, Sheku died. The officers involved did not receive any punishment

Jennifer Jefley: Jennifer was 15 years old when she was arrested for the murder of Maria Palomina. A murder that she did not commit. She has been behind bars more than 20 years serving a life sentence

Jamel Flyod: He was a 35-year-old Black man who died in prison after the guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center pepper-sprayed him in his cell. Jamel was asthmatic & diabetic. The officers involved were not charged.

Manuel Ellis: He was an unarmed Black man who died in police custody by asphyxiation. Video of the incident showed Ellis on the ground being struck repeatedly by officers, as a witness shouted "Stop. Oh my God, stop hitting him. Just arrest him," and Ellis pleaded with them, saying "I can't breathe." The officers involved were initially placed on administrative leave, but then were returned to work after the police department ruled there had been no violation of policy.

Katera Jenkins: 1- year-Katera Jenkins had been placed up for adoption by her birth mother Dedja because she wanted her daughter to have more opportunities than what she would have been able to provide her. Katera’s adoptive father claimed he “forgot” Katera Jenkins “Barker” in his car with his windows rolled up in over 100 degrees temperature, which ultimately led to Katera’s death. A week after Katera's funeral, Matt went on an island vacation, to "Celebrate" her life."" The Davidson county police wanted to bring charges against Matt, but because of his political connections, the District attorney's office declined to charge him.

Rodney Reed: Rodney was convicted of murder despite the released forensic evidence that prove his innocence. Three renown medical examiners have concluded it is "medically impossible" for Stacey Stites to have been killed at the time the state said she died. This alone exonerates Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted based on forensic expert testimony that has now been recanted by the scientists and agencies that offered the evidence. In fact, leading forensic pathologists have concluded that it would be "medically and scientifically impossible" for Reed to have murdered Stites.

Albert Wilson: Albert was found guilty on an accusation of sexual assault, but during his tral, there was a lack of evidence, improper legal counsel and a biased jury composing of all white jurors

Darren Rainey: Darren Rainey was a nonviolent offender who was locked in a boiling hot shower for 2 hours by prison guards, leading to his excruciatingly painful death. He was boiled alive. His last known words were: “I can’t take it no more, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” According to reports, he screamed those words over and over again. And then he stopped screaming. Two full years after his death, no-one had been held responsible.

Tawana McGowan: Tawana was laying face down in the snow, dead, and shot in the face. The murderer has not been found and the police did a lackluster job investigating. It’s been 10 years and there has still been no justice for her death

Siyanda: Siyanda was racially abused and physically assaulted by adults much older than her. Her family asked the police to investigate the incident thoroughly, but Siyanda ended up being the person convicted. During her trial, there was failure by the police to present crucial forensic evidence during the trial and the specific race hate crime against Siyanda was not taken into account during the trial

Joāo Pedro: 14-year-old Joāo Pedro was killed in his own home by the Rio de Janeiro police. The family counted 72 bullet marks on the walls of the house. In 2019 alone, Rio police killed 1,814 people—an all time record.

Darrius Stewart: 19 year old Darrius Stewart lost his life in 2015 by a police officer In Memphis in a case of mistaken identity. He was completely unarmed. No arrests have been made.

Shukri Abdi: Shukri was a 12-year-old muslim girl who drowned in the River Irwell in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Police said it was treating what happened as a "tragic incident" and did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances, but Shukri’s family said, "she couldn't swim so she wouldn't even go near the edge."

Ashton Dickson: Ashton was ganged up on and shot to death outside a street bar following what the police called a “simple argument”. It has been 3 years, but there have been no arrests. He was a gifted football player who had a bright future ahead of him

Grechario Mack: Grechario was 30 years-old who suffered from a mental health condition. He was allegedly talking to himself and holding a standard kitchen knife inside a mall. Witnesses affirmed that he was not attacking or threatening anyone. Upon arrival, LAPD officers reportedly bounded up the escalators "with every gun blazing" to the second floor where Mack was standing. Two officers, Ryan Lee and Martin Robles, began firing upon Grechario, killing him. They didn't even bother to clear the mall.

Rayshard Brooks: Rayshard was an unarmed 27 year old Black man who was murdered after there were complaints of him sleeping in his vehicle in the Wendy’s Parking lot. After struggling with the officers who showed up, Brooks began to run for his life when he was shot in the back more than once. Later taken to the hospital, Brooks passed away.

Regis Korchinski-Paquet: The Toronto Police ruled Regis’s death as a suicide, but many eye witnesses saw Regis being pushed off the balcony. Petition to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to commit to a transparent investigation and to hold the officers involved accountable in the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet through firing and filing charges.

Crosley Green: Crosley was convicted of murder despite the alarming evidence that proved Crosley Green to be innocent. Although Crowsley did match the physical description of the individual reported by the female present at time of murder, multiple witnesses were able to place Crosley at different location during the time of the murder, and there was no forensic evidence pointing to Crosley as the murderer. The only thing connecting Crosley to this case was that the female in the case identified the murderer as a black man and Crosley is a black man.

Jamee Johnson: Jamee Johnson was a senior at Florida A&M University who has been described as kind and driven. He was pulled over for routine traffic stop by Jacksonville Sheriff Officer Graham and Josue Garriga. The officers claimed that Jamee tried to reach for the officer’s weapon, which led to the shooting of Jamee Johnson. However, the unedited body cam footage from JSO Officer Josue Garriga and other officers involved were not released.

Yvette Smith: She was a 47 year old former caretaker who called the police after trying to quell a dispute between two men. When Smith opened her door, the responding officer yelled “police” and shot her three seconds later with his personal Ar-15 semi-automatic rifle. Her killer was cleared of all charges.

Angel Bumpass: Angel was found guilty of a murder that would have been committed when she was just 13 years old by a jury after only 4 hours and 30 minutes approximately of deliberation. One of the original detectives was fired for planting evidence in another case, but this was never mentioned at trial. The evidence against Angel was the partial fingerprints on the duct tape of the victim, yet there were nine other fingerprints that were unknown and not investigated. Angel is a mother of two, works a full time job, and currently enrolled in the nursing program at her perspective college. (UPDATE: Angel has a motion for a new trial!)

Sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse: He was a Minnesota National Guard who was stabbed to death on his 27th birthday. The perpetrator(s) is/are at large, eying their next innocent victim while Abdoulaye’s family continues to deeply mourn and grieve without answers or closure.

Anthony Wint: Anthony proceeded to a dual-trial with a co-defendant and he was convicted on different charges and was sentenced to consecutive terms of 45 years imprisonment on all counts of the new charges. He was never offered a plea bargain; he was never identified by any of the victims or witnesses; his DNA did not match DNA samples produced at trial. Anthony was convicted by the testimony of Nelson Baptiste, a government informant who bartered his compliance with the court to gain leniency. Nathan’s constitution rights were also violated during the trial.

Brad Levi Ayala: Brad is a 16 year old who attended a protest in Austin Texas. An officer from the Austin police department shot him in the head with a beanbag round. Brad was one of many who were victims of police brutality during this protest. He is left with brain damage. However, he is slowlyrecovering from the incident. Investigations were opened but no officer has been charged, although the identity of the officer has been released.

Jonas Joseph: Jonas got stopped and killed in his front yard under the hands of police brutality. The news outlet incriminated him based on his past to justify his death. The Tampa Police Department refused to provide the video of the scene. There were over 60 bullet shots at him

Dominique Clayton: 32-year-old Dominique was murdered in her own home by Matthew Kinne, an ex-police officer who allegedly had an affair with her. Kinne has been charged and indicted but that is not enough. He has also pled not guilty to all charges. In addition, there still has yet to be a trial after a full year.

Anderson Arboleda: He was a 21 year old man who was killed by a patrol police in Puerto Tejada, Cauca. He was seen outside his home when patrol officers approached him stating that he violated quarantine regulations and they started to hit Anderson’s head with their batons. Anderson died later in a hospital. Evidence has been ordered to identity the police officers involved.

Curtis Price: In 2003, Curtis Price (then 27 father of two young sons 9 & 7) was falsely accused of an armed robbery of an Applebee's he had never set foot in. All because his then girlfriend kept driving as he released several handfuls of marijuana out the window during the chase. The Greenville PD made an error in pursuing the wrong man and instead of acknowledging their faults, the police beat & tased him until he was unconscious. There was also a violation of due process at the trial.

Alton Sterling: Alton sold CDs/DVDs outside of a local shop, and due to the several robberies in the surrounding areas, Alton carried a gun with him in order to protect himself. An anonymous tip to the police stated there was a man with a gun at a store, and when the officers arrived at the scene, they tazed Alton Sterling and shot him at close range.

Lavena Johnson: LaVena was a soldier who enlisted in the Army in 2003, and the first Missouri woman to die in Iraq. She was found with gunshots to the head, broken body parts, burns on her genitals, and a trail of blood leading away from her tent. Her death was ruled as suicide, but there was evidence pointing to sexual assault and murder.

Tyler J Evans: Tyler was a 19 year old black autistic teenager who was arrested for alleged assault. He was found dead in his jail cell in Columbia County as the police violated policy and kept him restrained to a chair alone for more than 20 hours without food, water, or access to anyone.

Fate Vincent Winslow: Fate was arrested in the Fall of 2008 for making $5 commission for delivering $20 worth of weed. The man he was delivering weed to was an undercover cop and when asked why Fate Vincent Winslow agreed to deliver $20 worth of weed because he wanted to use the $5 commission to buy food. He now has to serve life imprisonment at hard labor with no chance for parole in Louisiana, the world’s prison capital.